Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apocalypse / Apocalipsis

Apocalpyse is a story I started when I was about 16 while I studied in an extremely strict catholic girls school and at the time I hated everything that had to do with religion, I was angry with the world and humanity thinking about it most of the time so I chose to put all those feelings and thoughts in paper to show my phylosophy of life. So... you will be seeing a lot of dark images when I post anything that has to do with this tale...

This one I am choosing for the introduction is called "Nacen los √Āngeles Negros" or "The Birth of Black Angels", before the beginning of time, before anything took place in the world and the underworld, the Black Angels were being born.


  1. And you'll tell us what these Black Angels did in your next post :). Hopefully.

  2. yes exactly :) stay tuned!

  3. I'm curious to see how your blog evolves... and thanks for your comment on http://andreasnichtzuhause.blogspot.com :-)