Friday, February 21, 2014

Nemines, a story by Alev

My most recent story, finally finished and published for real!

Available at:


Check Goodreads for other retailers.

Nemines is an illustrated fantasy story about a dark, decaying world inhabited by dying creatures that have to find the way to restore the balance of the world and save it. You can download a free sample from the link above and/or buy the ebook.

Here are some early sketches and concepts for the illustrations of the story...

Eda Mdea, leader of the East clan

Jhare, leader of the West clan

Eda again

Sej Grael, Jhare's mysterious brother

Pvael Seph, Eda's apprentice

I hope these have made you curious enough that you'll want to read the whole story :) 

≈≈≈ All images and characters Copyright Alev 2014 ≈≈≈

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