Saturday, November 25, 2017

New ebook!: A Raphanae story

A new ebook for kids!!
I started working on this while I was studying illustration. Feels like ages ago. I was really passionate about this project, it connected me to my childhood and inspired me very much. I wanted to revive the magic feeling of fantasy stories and movies I loved so much as a little girl. I had left the project aside for a long time, while working on my more "grown-up stuff"...
But I decided it was about time to dust it off, edit the text, the images, and make it ready for ebook format. And here it is! =D Available for Pre-order at Amazon! :

And here are some of the first sketches I made looong ago for this project:

 They are not this scary anymore! XD

 The elves, Alania and Elan

Raphanae at home

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