Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My New Vegan Coloring Book is Out!!

Ever since I was little, I've been looking for ways to help save the environment, save animals, the Earth. I thought there was little for us to do with all the pollution we were creating, and at some point I felt really hopeless. About 9 years ago, though, I became a vegetarian thanks to some friends in Germany who taught me that there were actually better choices we could make.

 Then, about a year ago I decided to become a vegan and do even more for the environment, for the animals and for myself. I healed myself in a way I never thought would be possible. Then I thought I wanted more people to know about this, but I have never been the type to become an outgoing activist. There had to be something that, as an artist, I could do, something that could attract people.

So I came up with the idea for this book. It took many months to create it, thinking of ways to deliver messages through positive images, researching a lot about the topic, then sketching the ideas, polishing them, then inking them, and finally putting it all together. Now "A Vegan Coloring Book" is finally out there, and I hope it will be enjoyed by many and inspire them to make kinder choices for our planet and the animals.

Some samples:

Some sketches:

Book Trailer:

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