Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm reviving this one...

It's such a strange coincidence...
While I began to edit and improve my oldest story (Apocalypse), all these strange events started happening on Earth. I was specifically working on the cover when I found out there was to be a total solar eclipse, which we sadly missed because of our location.
Anyway, I'm still very inspired and putting more efforts on this story, that according to my sister and a friend, needs more details, so I am adding that, I hope.
Here's a glimpse of the cover WIP.
And stay tuned, it should be published soon! (If the world hasn't ended by then).

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Haunted, an illustrated dark fantasy story

Aria and Derek grew up together and had no fears or worries, but a terrible event ends it all and threatens their lives and dreams when they are parted, and are forced to find their way back to each other. Haunted is the beginning of a journey that will test their strength, courage and feelings for each other in ways they never thought possible...

Haunted is available at  or at your favorite online retailer. You set the price!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Nemines, a story by Alev

My most recent story, finally finished and published for real!

Nemines is an illustrated fantasy story about a dark, decaying world inhabited by dying creatures that have to find the way to restore the balance of the world and save it. You can download a free sample from the link above and/or buy the ebook.

Here are some early sketches and concepts for the illustrations of the story...

Eda Mdea, leader of the East clan

Jhare, leader of the West clan

Eda again

Sej Grael, Jhare's mysterious brother

Pvael Seph, Eda's apprentice

I hope these have made you curious enough that you'll want to read the whole story :) 

≈≈≈ All images and characters Copyright Alev 2014 ≈≈≈

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Enchanted Forest

There's a place in another world that hides all sort of creatures and magic.
Though surrounded by humans who threaten their survival, the Enchanted Forest is still there, with all his strange races and mysteries, always strong and eternal in the stories that are and will be written.

Many battles have taken place in the borders of the Enchanted Forest and many other battles have also struck the Forest itself. Centaurs and Harpies have never been able to get along, bringing always war inside the forest and causing the greatest wounds it has had.

With time the forest will find the balance again and live in peace, for a while...

And even when the stories are not yet complete, here are some images that illustrate a few scenes of them...

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Battle

No es la única batalla que ocurre en esta historia pero es la más decisiva. Donde Satán venga la muerte de su adorada Arianna y la pérdida de su recién nacida hija, Aerhalev acabando con Dios y sus seguidores, los ángeles blancos.
Pero la sucesora de Satán no ha muerto. Está perdida en el mundo de los humanos.


It's not the only battle in this story but it's the most decisive. Satan avenges the death of his beloved Arianna and the lost of his newborn child, Aerhalev ending with God and his followers, the white angels.
But Satan's successor is not dead. She's lost in the human world.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Images from Apocalypse

The sketch for "Nacen los ángeles negros"

Sketch from "Arianna imprisoned"

One of the black angels...a very special one, she was Satan's wife. She was taken by the white angels and while she was in the dungeons she gave birth to a baby girl. This girl was taken from her and left in the human world alone...
But I cannot write the whole story here right?, plus I still haven't even sketched this part :S
Lets skip to the part where Aerhalev is finally in the Underworld :D.

Finished painting of Arianna


Aerhalev, Queen of the Underworld

Djar, Prince of the Vampires

If you want to understand these images better, stay tuned. I might publish the story soon

Lusus Ignium - a dream of Salajev and Darheim

The twins, some years after the Apocalypse.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apocalypse / Apocalipsis

Apocalpyse is a story I started when I was about 16 while I studied in an extremely strict catholic girls school and at the time I hated everything that had to do with religion, I was angry with the world and humanity thinking about it most of the time so I chose to put all those feelings and thoughts in paper to show my phylosophy of life. So... you will be seeing a lot of dark images when I post anything that has to do with this tale...

This one I am choosing for the introduction is called "Nacen los Ángeles Negros" or "The Birth of Black Angels", before the beginning of time, before anything took place in the world and the underworld, the Black Angels were being born.