Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Images from Apocalypse

The sketch for "Nacen los ángeles negros"

Sketch from "Arianna imprisoned"

One of the black angels...a very special one, she was Satan's wife. She was taken by the white angels and while she was in the dungeons she gave birth to a baby girl. This girl was taken from her and left in the human world alone...
But I cannot write the whole story here right?, plus I still haven't even sketched this part :S
Lets step to the part where Aerhalev is finally in the Underworld :D.

Finished painting of Arianna


Aerhalev, Queen of the Underworld

Djar, Prince of the Vampires

and then...

Soulmates... Aerhalev and Djar

They celebrate their union and have a very nice period in the story when they rule together the Underworld and they have children, the twins Salajev and Darheim.
But after some years things get really bad again...
Aerhalev and Djar have to plan a way to eliminate the religions on Earth and end with all opposing forces...
Salajev is left alone fighting demons who rose against the royal family, she is getting weak and dying but no one really understands the reason...

En el Inframundo...

If you want to understand these images better, stay tuned. I might publish the story soon

Lusus Ignium - a dream of Salajev and Darheim

The twins, some years after the Apocalypse.

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